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  • Tree Removal

    Did you know that Georgia is home to over 250 species of trees? Our experienced team of professionals can safely remove it all of them, at any size and in any location. From white pines to magnolias, oaks and hawthorn and more, we can handle it.

  • Emergency Tree Service

    Storms can do enormous damage to the trees on your property, making them a danger to your life and your home. We are available to help anytime, during the week, on weekends and holidays.

  • Storm Cleanup

    Wind, rain and storms can create havoc on your property. We can quickly and efficiently clean up storm damage, returning your yard to its normal condition, as much as is possible. We gather up branches and limbs and get rid of all types of debris from your yard.

  • Tree Trimming and Pruning

    Every tree requires regular pruning to get rid of dying or diseased limbs. Not only does it make the tree look more attractive, it keeps it healthy and flourishing.

  • Stump Removal

    Call us if you have an unattractive stump taking up valuable space in your yard. We can quickly and safely remove it and its roots.

  • Brush Chipping

    With our large size wood chippers, we can get rid of tree debris by chipping it to turn it into mulch. This is useful in your yard for gardening, weed control and walkways.

  • Experienced, Efficient, Trusted

    We’re the Local Choice: We are your one-stop solution for getting rid of trees in dangerous situations or to clear an area. We have years of experience serving the local Atlanta area. With our hands-on knowledge of the types of trees in this region, the terrains and soil conditions, we can safely and quickly get rid of those that are causing you a problem.

    Why Choose us for your Atlanta Tree Removal needs?

    Homeowners in the Atlanta area have long trusted us with all their tree needs. We provide fast, efficient, safe service at affordable prices. Our long list of satisfied customers appreciate the professional work done by our team of experts. Each job is handled to the highest standards.

    We listen to your needs and provide you with a free, no-obligation quote. When we come to remove the tree, we will check out the terrain and bring in the most advanced equipment for safe and effective tree removal. Every tree is removed thoroughly, roots and all.

    Safety is #1 with us. We make sure that people, pets your home and that of your neighbors are safe at all times.

    Why Remove Trees

    Trees need to be taken out for a number of reasons. Trees can start leaning during a windstorm, becoming a potential hazard. When old trees art dying, it is essential to remove it for the sake of safety.  If you have new landscaping plans, you may need to get rid of a tree that is in the way. If you are remodeling, a tree may be blocking your view.

    Stay Safe, Go with the Pros

    It can be tempting to try removing a tree yourself as a weekend do-it-yourself project, thinking it will save you money. Think again.

    Tree removal is a very specific skill, best done by people with years of hands-on experience and training. The professionals at our tree removal company have the know-how, the equipment and the team to removal any type of tree safely, without endangering your home, garage, shed, patio or other structures in your yard.

    Most importantly, they have the safety equipment and training to do it without danger to people or pets.

    Think of your neighbor’s reaction if:

    • a big limb damages their fence
    • if the tree falls the wrong way, caving in their roof
    • if limbs drop on their family dog, injuring or killing it

    The results can be bad blood between neighbors and even lawsuits. And what if one of these things happened to your family, your home and your pets?

    Do you know what the municipal statutes demand when it comes to tree removal in Atlanta? We do because that’s our job.

    Don’t get in over your head. That weekend project may end up taking weeks and months. The final cost of doing it yourself is often far higher than having professionals do it quickly and efficiently.

    Stay safe. Choosing the the very best Atlanta tree service is an investment in your property value, your neighborhood goodwill, your safety and your peace of mind.